Certified Used Vehicle Program

Toyota Extra Care Protection

Toyota Certified Used Vehicles

The ECP Comprehensive Coverage gives you all the benefits of the Powertrain Coverage Plan plus the Major Component Coverage Plan. We have you covered with 16 mechanical component groups. The Comprehensive Coverage Plan is available for vehicles up to seven model years old.

With Extra Care Protection, the used vehicle you purchase from your Toyota dealer can benefit from inflation protected coverage for unexpected mechanical failure, road emergencies, and much more. It is the affordable and cost effective way to guarantee your peace of mind motoring and to protect your investment. ECP will enhance the quality experience of owning your vehicle while helping to protect the resale value down the road. You must buy your plan at the same time you buy your used vehicle.

ECP is transferable

Extra Care Protection enhances the resale value of your used vehicle. Once you sign over the agreement, all the new owner has to do is fill out a transfer form and send it to ECP. No cost, no fuss, no hassle. Extra Care Protection is affordable when you buy and it may add value to your vehicle if you sell because buyers prefer vehicles with ECP coverage.

Toyota Certified Used Vehicles

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